Our Basic Skills                                                                                                                

Vessel Traffic and Pilotage Services

·         Navigational aid

·         Traffic Organization

·         Information

·         Pilotage


·         Rescue from ashore

·         Rescue from sea

Maritime Services

·         Salvage

·         Escort

·         Tugboat

·         Mooring

·         Towage

·         Frogman, Removal of Wreck

·         Hiring  Boat

·         Preventing potential marine pollution which might occur during salvage operation

Aids to Navigation

·         To assist navigating vessels with Lighthouses, Buoys, Fog Horns and Bells, dGPS, Racon, Beacon and AIS-Atons.


Marine Communications

  • ·         Distress and safety communications which might be received from marine vehicles.
  • ·         Coordination of communications with Search and Rescue units
  • ·         Navigational warnings (NAVTEX) and meteorological warnings
  • ·         Commercial Marine Radio Communications
  • ·         Allocation of INMARSAT Numbers to Vessels
  • ·         International (Marine Communication, LRIT) Account
  • ·         Maintenance and repair of ashore - marine radios and AIS systems
  • ·         Licenses for installation, giving permission to installation and operation of marine and airborne band radio communication systems and systems providing navigational safety.
  • ·         Allocating  call sign and MMSI number to equipments for navigation and marine band radio communication
  • ·         Operation of LRIT National Database
  • ·         Carrying out the amateur radio exams and issuing amateur radio certificate