International Activities

In order to make necessary technical studies for all AtoNs to render their services more efficiently with regards to the safety of maritime and navigation, our Organization has been attending:

Seminar, Symposium and Conferences of IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities; which was founded in 1957 as the nonprofit and technical assosiation,

IALA VTS Symposium and IALA Conference in every four years,

IALA VTS Committee Meeting and IALA Council annually,

IMO-MSC in every year (International Maritime Organization – Maritime Safety Committee) in which some subjects regarding with various international maritime safety and navigational safety are being negotiated and agreed in every year.

Our Organization is a member of the following International Organizations:

International Salvage Union

IMRF – International Maritime Rescue Federation




LOCATION NAME OF CONFERENCE OR FAIR                                              DATE


London         BLG 16th Session                                                                 30.01.2012-03.02.2012

Copenhagen E-navigation Underway 2012                                                 18.01.2012-20.01.2012

London         DE 56th Session                                                                         13.02.2012-17.02.2012

London         MEPC 63th Session                                                                 27.02.2012-02.03.2012

London         OPRC-HNS 13th Session                                                         05.03.2012-09.03.2012

London         COMSAR 16th Session                                                         12.03.2012-16.03.2012

London         FSI 63th Session                                                                         26.03.2012-30.03.2012

London         LEG 99th Session                                                                 16.04.2012-20.04.2012

London         IOPC Funds I                                                                                 23.04.2012-27.04.2012

London         STW 43th Session                                                                 30.04.2012-04.05.2012

Indonesia Inmarine 2012                                                                         09.05.2012-12.05.2012

London         MSC 90th Session                                                                 16.05.2012-25.05.2012

London         IOPC Funds II                                                                         09.06.2012-13.06.2012

London         NAV 58th Session                                                                 02.07.2012-06.07.2012

London         DSC 17th Session                                                                 17.09.2012-21.09.2012

Florida         RCTM                                                                                         23.09.2012-28.09.2012

London         MEPC 64th Session                                                                 01.10.2012-05.10-2012

South Africa DipCON                                                                                         08.10.2012-12.10.2012

London         IOPC Funds III                                                                         15.10.2012-19.10.2012

London         LEG 100th Session                                                                 22.10.2012-26.10.2012

London         LC 34th Session                                                                         29.10.2012-02.11.2012

Amsterdam METS(Marine Equipment Trade Show)                                 13.11.2012-15.11.2012

London         MSC 91th Session                                                                 26.11.2012-30.11.2012

Singapore APM 2012 (Asia Pacific Maritime Exhibition)                         14.03.2012-16.03.2012

China         INMEX China                                                                         21.11.2012-13.11.2012

Korea         Expo Yeousu 2012                                                                 12.05.2012-12.08.2012

Nigeria         Nimarex 2012                                                                         13.03.2012-15.03.2012

Hamburg SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery and Marine Technology) 04.09.2012-07.09.2012

London         Oceanology International 2012                                                 13.03.2012-15.03.2012

Singapore Seaport Security Asia 2012                                                 27.03.2012-28.03.2012

Canada         Port Security Conference of Canada 2012                         15.05.2012-17.05.2012

Copenhagen International Maritime Law Conference                                 29.05.2012-30.05.2012

Istanbul         The 12th VTS Symposium                                                         01.09.2012-14.09.2012

St Germain e-NAV 11th Session                                                                 26.03.2012-30.03.2012

St Germain e-NAV 12th Session                                                                 24.09.2012-27.09.2012

St Germain VTS 34th Session                                                                 19.03.2012-23.03.2012

London         IMSO-Advisory Committee 31th Session                         15.05.2012

London         IMSO-Advisory Committee 32th Session                         03.12.2012-05.12.2012

England         IMSO Assembly                                                                         25.06.2012-28.06.2012

Sydney         IALA TRAINING SEMINAR ON RISK MANAGEMENT         05.11.2012-09.11.2012